Japanese Wakizashi – Late Edo – Unsigned . SJ287


Japanese Wakizashi. Good tsuka (hilt/handle) with good tsuka-ito (handle wrapping) and animal, Galloping Horse, menuki (the decorative ornaments under the handle wrapping). Fuchi fitting appears to have fish scene with gold highlights and a basic kashira (end cap). Damaged black lacquered saya (wooden scabbard) with edge cracking near bottom. Blade in decent condition with wavy temper line. Iron oval tsuba with what looks like a fisherman scene with gold highlights on one side. One spacer (seppa) and a copper one piece habaki (blade collar). Blade length approx 21 inches measured from tsuba (20 inches from end of 1 inch habaki). Blade also has single blade fuller (Hi) or blood grove. Single hole nakago (tang) that is unsigned. Most likley late Edo period.


Wakizashi blades are typically between 12 inches to 24 inches or (30-60cm) or (between 1 and 2 shaku).


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Weight50 oz
Dimensions36 × 3 × 3 in

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