LAYAWAY KR0720 – WW2 Japanese Navy Katana w/Capture Tag – Unsigned . SJ286

WW2 Japanese Navy Katana with Capture Tag. Good tsuka (hilt/handle) with good tsuka-ito (handle wrapping) and the standard navy menuki (the decorative ornaments under the handle wrapping). Saya (scabbard) has shark skin covering and leather hanger plus tied on captured tag. Blade in average condition with straight temper line and small nick on middle edge and a brass one piece habaki (blade collar). Plain tsuba with two decorative plates and three seppa (spacers), all appear to be matching numbered. Blade length approx 26 inches measured from tsuba (25 inches from end of 1 inch habaki). Single hole nakago (tang) that is unsigned.


See Additional Information for shipping dimensions. 

Additional information

Weight78 oz
Dimensions36 × 4 × 4 in

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