ON HOLD GM0620 – WW2 Japanese Navy Dagger . SJ284

WW2 Japanese Navy Dagger (Dirk). Pattern 1883 dagger, these daggers were in use until the end of ww2. This is most likely a pre-ww2 version due to the better quality fittings. Blade in better than the condition you typically see, however, still has some wear and spotting to blade as well as a chip near the very tip of the blade. Locking mechanism still works fine. The blade measures approx 8 1/8 inches long measured from end the habaki (approx 8 5/8 inches measuring habaki as well). The scabbard (saya) is wood based and is covered in fine peppled shark-skin. The scabbard has two brass fittings with nice detail work. Also, has gilted brass based cross-guard and fittings with nice details as well. The grip is brass wire wrapped over a white pebbled ray skin. Also, has the brass cherry blossom twist out menuki peg. Overall, a nice example of a quality Japanese Navy Dirk.


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Additional information

Weight20 oz
Dimensions16 × 4 × 2 in

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