Japanese Katana – Dragon Tsuba Unsigned . SJ282


Japanese Katana. Nice tsuka (hilt/handle) with good tsuka-ito (handle wrapping) with nice set of flower type design menuki (the decorative ornaments under the handle wrapping). Leather covered saya (scabbard). Damage to snap area of upper section of saya. Dragon design tsuba and two seppa (spacers). One piece habaki (blade collar) with standard rain type design. Blade has wear with scuffs, scratches, and scrapes where it appears someone tried to clean up a bit improperly. Blade also has single blade fuller or blood grove. 3 hole nakago (tang) that is unsigned. Length of blade measured from tsuba is 28 1/2 inches (27 1/2 inches measured from the end of the habaki which is the proper way to measure the blade). Overall, 38 1/2 inches in length measuring both the blade and tsuka. Most likley Edo period.


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Dimensions45 × 3 × 3 in

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