Japanese Katana . SJ266


Japanese Katana. Single hole tang (nakago) is unsigned. There is heavy damaged to the lacquared saya (wooden scabbard). Tsuka (handle) with blue wrap in very worn condition with damage to blue wrap and missing the top pommel (kashira), however, does have the bottom fuchi. Handle has a nice pair of menuki (decorative metal ornaments) under handle wrap. I believe to be Edo period blade and fittings. Nice one piece habaki (blade collar). Approximately 25 1/2 inch blade (from end of habaki, approximately 26 1/2 inches counting habaki) in good overall basic condition with some wear and graying. Overall entire bare blade counting tang is about 35 inches in length. Also, has 4 seppa (spacers) and nice looking cut-out-design tsuba (hand guard). Overall, a decent example katana that could leave as is or restore. Katana blades are typically greater than 23 5/8 inches (60 cm) (2 shaku).


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