Prussian Cavalry M1889 Engraved Sword – WKC (No Scabbard) . SGi98


Prussian Cavalry M1889 sword with folding crossguard. No scabbard. Folding crossguard is rough and does not have any stiffness to it (loose folding) and handle fit is not quite right. Rough overall condition. Blade is engraved and has a dedication to Regiment 12 on one side and another dedication on the other side as well. Engraving is hard to make our because a lot of wear to blade. Several hits and nicks to edge of blade. WKC marker logo on blade. Blade length approximately 30 1/2 inches in length and overall about 35 3/4 inches in length. Very rough condition sword, as found (left uncleaned) out of woodwork. project piece.


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Weight54 oz
Dimensions36 × 4 × 2 in

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