SOLD Japanese Long Tanto – Signed 1550s . NNJ455

Japanese Samurai long Tanto with signed tang in Koshirae. Nakago (tang) is signed “Morimitsu” Blade is in nice overall condition and has a one-piece habaki (blade collar) with “rain of arrows” type design. Nice wavy hamon (temper line) on blade. The Tsuka (handle) has a nice Fuchi (collar) blacken with gilt highlights, Menuki with gilt highlights (ornament under cloth binding), good condition dark-blue Ito (cloth binding), and nice-looking Kashira (end cap) Iron tsuba (hand guard) with interesting design and signed “Yamayoshi”. Saya (wooden scabbard) is black lacquerer with green type accent color flakes in good overall condition. Also, has small side knife in saya. Blade approximately 12 7/8 inches counting the habaki (about 12 1/4 inches from end of habaki), and about 17 1/2 inches in overall length, about 23 inches overall in saya. Muromachi era blade about 1550s. Overall, a very nice Long Tanto.


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Additional information

Weight 39 oz
Dimensions 23 × 4 × 4 in

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