WW2 Japanese Grouping Belt, Flag, and Newspaper . NNJ244


WW2 Japanese group of Thousand Stitch Belt, flag, and newspaper. Japanese thousand stitch belt (Senninbari) has some wear and staining. Flag has been folded for quite a while and has the corner ties damaged/missing. Size of flag is approximately 32 inches X 26 inches. Also, has a portion of Japanese newspaper that came along with the belt and flag. Worn and used condition.

Additional Notes and History: The custom of producing Senninbari originated during the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894 to 1895. In the earliest forms, Senninbari were small handkerchief sized pieces of square material, containing 1000 knots or stitches embroidered to strengthen the material, the implication being that this strength was passed along to the man carrying the Sennibari.

In general, Senninbari or varieties of one thousand stitch belts were believed to confer courage, good luck and/or immunity from injury (especially bullets) to their wearers. Others in the military wore the Senninbari as a memento and a keepsake of the women who had given the belt to them.


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