WW2 German Army M40 helmet w/net-camo Q64 . HG1437


WW2 German Army M40 Single decal helmet with string type net/camo. Marker and size marked Q64. This helmet came in out of the woodwork like this to another collector, it is interesting and it looks like the string has been on there a very long time and you can see the wear patterns in the helmet and it is attached almost in the same fashion as a chicken wire example. A very interesting and cool looking helmet that I have not seen an example of this type of string type camo/net attachment before. I would figure most of the time the string would be destroyed and lost to time. The helmet paint also looks like it has remnants of possible white washing. Interior liner in really good condition and still has draw sting and ink size marked 56. Lot/Production number hard to make out, appears to be either DN323 or DN823. Worn condition chinstrap attached as well.


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