WW2 German Army M42 Helmet . HG1403


WW2 German Army M42 single decal combat helmet. Nice condition army decal and good condition paint. Note: This style of Army decal is often found in un-applied condition, and therefore, was often re-applied post war to helmets without decals. I do not believe this one is post-war applied, however, there is a chance still of this original decal being post war applied (at least I thought I would mention in this description for further background and details). Liner in decent condition with edge wear, however, does have one edge rip from wear that you typically see on these and the liner looks to be ink stamped size 60 which typically translates to about a size 68 helmet shell (very large size). Drawstrings still present and the chinstrap is in good condition. Production/Lot code #2802, however, cannot make out the size and marker mark which is typical a lot of times in M42 German helmet shells. Overall, a nice example of an Army M42 combat helmet.


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