WW2 German photo album 70+ Photos . GD704

WW2 German 14. (Pz-Abw) Komp. Inf.-Reg.20 photo album. Nice photo album booklet and cover. Includes nice selection of photos. Approximately 75 photos. Size approximately 10 inches X 7 inches.

Breakout summary of approx pic types:

group of soldiers pics approx 24
individual soldier pic approx 7
photo individual postcard style approx 3 plus 2 signed
couple style postcards w/soldier in uniform approx 4

military vehicles and equipment approx 11
aircraft pics approx 2
flags, banners, ceremony pics approx 1

misc people pics approx 10
building and monument pics approx 4
scenery pic approx 3
small mass produced print photos approx 5

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