US WW2 Army Folding Shovel w/Cover 1944/45 . FLU3184

U.S. WW2 Army Folding Shovel (M1943 Entrenching Tool or E-Tool) with cover. U.S. Ames 1945 Marked on shovel. Hinson Mfg Co. 1944 marked on cover. Worn and used condition.

Additional notes: The shovel has been an essential part of a soldier’s field gear since siege warfare, both for digging field defenses and/or shelters and at times, if needed, as a weapon. In the early 20th century the military shovel was additionally designed into a folding version and referenced as an entrenching tool or E-tool. The M1943 entrenching tool centered on a folding blade affixed to a hilt riveted to the handle. An aluminum nut locked the curved blade in place, either at a 180 degree angle for use as a spade or at a 90 degree angle for use as a pick. The US Army entrenching tool went through at least three versions during the course of WW2. The 1945 variant added a folding pick opposite the shovel blade.


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Additional information

Weight58 oz
Dimensions23 × 6 × 3 in

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