WW2 US Navy Practice Round . FLU1403


U.S. Navy WW2 3 inch wooden practice round. Multipiece, however, has not been taken apart in a long time and stuck. Heavy (same weight as actual round) approx 24 lbs. Approx 36″ in length. Very worn and damaged condition (large crack line on one side, might be able to glue back together, another project piece).  Fashioned after the original ordnance in size and weight, however, made of laminated wood with a steel base and nose band, presumably weighted with a lead core to obtain the 24 pound total. These were typically used in training simulations for loading and handling practice. It would make a nice display piece. Heavy item and can quote shipping on this one on request.


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Weight414 oz
Dimensions37 × 4 × 4 in

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