SOLD US WW2 Army TL-122D Flashlight . FLU1258

United States Army Angle Head Flashlight Marked U.S. TL-122D. Marker marked BMG on other side. Size Approximately 8 inches long. By default, these early army flashlights usually do not work and need to either have the bulbs replaces or contacts cleaned or other parts fixed (especially since they are over 70+ years old). Selling this one as a parts or project piece or just for display purposes. 1940s ww2 era army flashlight, last type “D” version of the TL-122.


Additional Notes: The TL-122-A,B,C, and D Army flashlights are ww2 era army flashlights with the A being first type, then B, then C, and finally the D late war version.


See Additional Information for shipping dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in

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