WW2 US Theatre Made Knife . DWU51


U.S. WW2 Theater made fighting knife. Stacked plastic handle. Leather sheath.

Additional Notes: “Theatre” spelled as in “Theatre or War” not theater like in stage acting. The Theatre made knives are a form of Trench Art made or modified by combatants or others within a Theatre of Operation during combat or war. Typically, these most often found form WW2, however, they also show up from as early as the American Civil War and through Vietnam and Desert Storm. Furthermore, this was not just an American GI thing, but also soldiers from England, Germany, Japan, and others have been linked to theatre knives and trench art. Typically, ww2 theatre knife versions are known for stacked plastics and metals handles, however, there were other designs and materials utilized including, but not limited to, cast Aluminum handles, stacked handles in the style of other famous knives, custom “sweatheart” designs, shell casings, other other battlefield type materials. These knives are interesting in their varying quality of craftsmanship and design.


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