WW2 US M8 B.M.CO Scabbard . DWU1065B


WW2 United States M8 B.M.CO (for Beckwith Manufacturing Company) Scabbard. Also, marked on back of scabbard with “VP 43”. for Victory Plastics. Very worn condition.


Additional Notes: The M8 had a metal throat, stamped “U.S. M8” and “B.M.CO” (for Beckwith Manufacturing Company). The edges of the throat were turned down to accommodate the angled hilt on the M3 knife. A cloth loop was attached to the metal throat that would slide over most belts. A two-piece strap that snapped together to hold the knife handle against the cloth hangar. A hole drilled through the tip of the scabbard permitted a thong to tie the sheath down if needed. However, it was soon apparent that the cloth loop was insufficient. The scabbard needed a hanger to attach it to standard field gear. The cloth webbing belt loop was made slightly longer to allow for the addition of the new hanger while also allowing for the scabbard to still be carried over the belt. With these changes, the M8 scabbard was redesigned the M8A1. Many of the M8 stamped metal throats were still on hand when this change occurred. They were used on what were otherwise M8A1 bayonet scabbards. In addition, many existing M8 scabbards were altered, usually by either sewing or riveting a M1910 hanger into the belt loop.


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