US WW2 M3 Fighting knife – Imperial (Blade Marked) . DWU1004

U.S. WW2 M3 Fighting knife. Marker marked on blade U.S. M3 Imperial. Nice condition stacked leather handle. Cross guard has a little bit of wiggle, most likely from some of the leather washer shrinkage. Proper WW2 era USM8 B.M.Co marked scabbard. Overall decent worn and used condition combat fighting knife.

Additional Notes: The U.S. M3 fighting knife or M3 trench knife was an American military combat knife first issued in March of 1943. The M3 knife was originally designated for issue to U.S. soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet. However, it was particularly designed for use by those in need of a close combat knife, such as Airborne troops and Army Rangers, so these units received priority for the M3 at the start of production. As more M3 knives became available in 1943 and 1944, the knife was issued to other soldiers such as Army Air Forces (AAF) crewmen and soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet, including soldiers issued the M1 Carbine or sub-machine gun.


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Weight22 oz
Dimensions13 × 3 × 2 in

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