US Civil War M1860 Cavalry Saber – Roby 1863 . CWS140


U.S. M1860 Cavalry Saber dated 1863. Very good condition blade and very nice condition overall (it would be very difficult to find a better condition M1860 cavalry saber). Very good condition wire wrapped leather grip. Marker marked on one side of the blade ricasso with the C. Roby W. CHELMSFORD MASS marker mark and marked U.S. 1863 on the other side of the blade ricasso. Numbered “28” on top of cross guard area. Blade length approximately 35 inches. Overall approximately 43 inches in length. This is probably the best condition M1860 Cavalry saber I have had.


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Weight 68 oz
Dimensions 43 × 4 × 4 in

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