US Civil War M1860 Navy Cutlass – Ames 1861 . CWS135


U.S. Civil War M1860 Navy Cutlass. Marker marked Ames Mfg.Co Chicopee Mass on one side of blade and I believe dated 1861 on the other side of blade (hard to make out). Also serial marked on guard 2 M 225 (or serial # 2,225), which is a fairly low (early) serial number for a Navy Cutlass. No scabbard. Handle in decent shape for age but with the wire wrapping gone as typically seen on these. Blade is better condition than you normally see as well with nice even age patina. Displays well.

Additional Notes: Each M1860 Naval Cutlass has a serial number stamped on the inside quillion. Per the written request of the U.S. Navy the Ames Company stamped a serial number on each cutlass. The serial number will always be found on the inside of the quillion (or guard). This serial number contains up to 2 digits and an M on the first line and 3 digits on the line below. The top number represents thousands and the bottom number represents hundreds.It is believe the serial number range went up to approx 25,000 for Ames Navy Cutlasses.


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