SOLD 1912 Barber Half Dollar Coin . COIN2018dw

1912 Barber Half Dollar Coin. The Front (Obverse) features Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap and laurel wreath.
The back (Reverse) displays an eagle with outstretched wings and a shield at its chest, holding a banner in its beak and an olive branch and cluster of arrows. Contains 0.3575 oz of Silver. Worn condition.


Additional Notes: The 1912 Barber Half Dollar is a coin that was minted in the United States in 1912. It features the head of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. There are three mint marks for this coin: S for San Francisco, D for Denver, and none for Philadelphia.


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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in

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